Option 1:

Request a CapTel through Equipment Distribution Program at no cost

Qualified users can get a CapTel phone at no cost through the Telecommunications Access Program (TAP).

​TAP is a program within Arkansas Rehabilitation Services that provides a CapTel phone at no cost to eligible Arkansans who have hearing loss.

Who is eligible for the TAP program?
Eligibility is based on verification of one’s hearing loss and a family’s financial status.

  1. Arkansas resident.
  2. Personal telecommunication service.
  3. Disability certified by a qualified professional verifying the need for specialized telecommunication equipment.
  4. Income Eligibility: If the applicant’s income is $50,000 a year or below the equipment is free. If you make more than $50,000, a shared cost option is available.

How do I apply for the TAP?
You can visit the TAP website to download application forms.

Click here to visit the TAP website.

Click here to download the TAP application form

Option 2:

Purchase a CapTel phone online

Arkansas residents who do not qualify for the Option 1 may purchase a CapTel phone.

Click here.