HCO is designed for those who are unable to speak but can hear.

Hearing Carry-Over (HCO) is the ideal solution for you if you want to listen and type on your phone calls. This service is designed for people with speech disabilities.

You type on your text telephone/teletypewriter (TTY) and the relay operator reads your words aloud to the other party.

This relay service is available in English-to-English or Spanish-to-Spanish.

The TRS Customer Profile allows you to store your relay call preferences that helps speed up call processing.

How Does Hearing Carry-Over (HCO) Relay Work?

It’s a cinch!

Just dial 711 (or 800-285-1131 for English / 866-656-1842 for Spanish) on your text telephone/teletypewriter (TTY) or VCO phone and the relay operator will answer with “Arkansas Relay”.

Type the area code and telephone number you wish to call and type “GA” (“Go Ahead”).  The relay operator will dial the number and connect to the other party.

  • 1

    Type your message on your TTY or VCO phone to the relay operator.  Type “GA” (“Go Ahead”) at end of each message.  The “GA” indicates that it is the other party’s turn to respond.

  • 2

    The relay operator reads your typed message out loud to the other party.

  • 3

    The other party listens and speaks directly to you.  The other party says “Go Ahead” to indicate that it is your turn to respond.

To conclude the call, type “GA to SK” (“Stop Keying”) to indicate that you are ready to hang up.

Other HCO Features

Please specify to the relay operator the HCO call type you would like to make.


You, the HCO user, listen while the relay operator reads aloud the TTY user’s typed words.  You type directly to the TTY user.


The relay operator reads aloud both of the HCO users’ typed words.